White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean Extract

Not all White Kidney Bean Extracts are Created the Same

The highest rated TV health program — The Dr. Oz Show — has done episodes and blogs featuring the benefits of white kidney bean extract for people trying to control their weight. While there are a variety of generic white kidney bean extracts, only one has been clinically studied for safety and efficacy: Phase 2® White Kidney Bean Extract. Phase 2® is the first white kidney bean extract clinically shown to reduce the digestion of starch and promote weight loss. After ten years of research and development, Phase 2 is the leading brand of white bean extract found in most food, drug and mass retail stores.

What is White Kidney Bean Extract?

In its simplest form, white kidney bean extract is fractionated dried beans. However, Phase 2 is a highly concentrated extract made from a portion of the white kidney bean. It is made through a proprietary process that assures its potency and purity. In addition, Phase 2 is made in the U.S. from non-GMO (non genetically modified beans), and is processed under the strictest quality control. The extraction process uses purified water, without solvents, and virtually all impurities are removed. Phase 2 was developed by Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., Kearny, NJ, a company specializing in the manufacture and supply of a variety of specialty nutritional ingredients.

How do you know White Kidney Bean Extract Works?

If you’re consuming a generic white kidney bean extract, there are no studies or proof that it works. Only Phase 2 white bean extract is backed by extensive clinical research proving its efficacy and safety.

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Phase 2 is the only white kidney bean extract with two structure/function claims for starch digestion and weight control. It is generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Where to Buy White Kidney Bean Extract?

In order to be sure you’re purchasing a product that is safe and effective, check the logo on the label. The label (list of ingredients, nutritional panel, front of label and packaging) must read, “Phase 2®, Phase 2 Carb Controller®, or Phase 2® White Kidney Bean Extract” with the logo. Products and ingredients simply labeled as “white bean kidney bean extract” or “Phaseolamin” do not contain the industry-leading Phase 2 ingredient discussed on this website. Popular products that contain Phase 2 include Natrol’s Carb Intercept®, and products branded simply as Phase 2 from such companies as NOW Foods, SwasonsVitamins.com,and Vitamin Shoppe.

White Kidney Bean Extract

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